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자가용 비행 자동차의 실체
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The following performance statistics and specifications have been derived experimentally and through theoretical calculations.  As the final adjustments are been made in preparation for flight testing and FAA certification, these specifications will be adjusted to represent the latest experimental results.

Passengers     4   people
Cruise speed   560 km/h
Top Speed      630 km/h
Vertical Speed (UP) 2000 mpm (Meters per Minute)  
Payload with max fuel 340 kg
Max. range @ payload 1450 km
Fuel consumption 7 k/l
Operational ceiling 10,000 m
Gross weight 1,000 kg
Dimensions 5.5 x 2.7 x 1.8 m (length x width x height)  
Engine power 960 hp
Takeoff and landing area 10 Meter Diameter
Noise at 500 feet (175m) 65 dba

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